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MONIKA WIECEK is an architect and designer, working on the edge of TECHNOLOGY & ART

As a designer she stands for new technologies and computational design, constantly looking for inspiration and never refuse to try new materials and solutions.

Architect and designer, working on the edge of technology and art. She gained experience in architectural offices in Poland, Denmark and Switzerland, including 3XN and Herzog & de Meuron. 

In every project I start from the idea and go deeper to the very smallest detail. I think taking care of details is very important for the final sense of the space. I like playing with materials, I think they are a very important part of architecture that give an additional dimension to the space - a touch, roughtness, color, warmth, or cold. I’m also passionate with the opportunities which gives working with concrete, making research tests with the stones and recipes.

I never skip drawing conceptual sketches, and I think it is the best language to exchange ideas.

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